Metal furniture PRAKTIK is a high-quality product, easy to use and designed for intensive use. And most importantly, PRAKTIK furniture is quality from the largest Russian manufacturer and distributor of safes and metal furniture!


- The warranty for the purchased goods comes into force from the date of its purchase.
- If any defect is found, we undertake the obligation to repair the purchased product free of charge or replace it.

- malfunctions of the goods are caused by incorrect use, as well as during delivery and installation;

- incorrect operation arose due to attempts to carry out repairs on their own.

- lost keys or access codes;

- an unacceptable opening of the equipment was carried out;

All equipment comes with a 12 month warranty. During this period, the company carries out repairs of failed equipment, if the failure is not caused by incorrect operation. The repair period is set no more than 15 days from the date of receipt of the faulty equipment in the repair department of the Company.

Our benefits
Modern elegant design;
The best quality in Russia;
Unlimited number of assembly-disassembly cycles;
Ease of repair, straightening, painting, replacement of parts and parts, which provides an unlimited shelf life;
Warranty 1 year
Environmentally friendly;
Powder coated for abrasion and scratch resistance.
Convenience in everyday maintenance (cleaning), not afraid of spilled water, tea, coffee and atmospheric humidity;
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